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Fav Links
"There was never a genius without a tincture of madness." -- Aristotle

These links are kinda old right now, im going to be looking for some new ones , i'm gonna be looking for a poetry site to partner with.
Poetry Links:

Poetry Knook*My Fav*-I feel This is the best poetry site i have seen yet! Its My personal fav!
Not just for its graphics but for content to. I hope you like it as much as me!

My Fav Poetry Club - A really great way to get feed back on your poems and believe me they tell you the cold hard truth of what they think...they don't just act like they like they like it!!!

Ataxia For Dementia- A good web site. With some mind blowing poetry. Not for simple minded people like me :) warning vary offincive towards christains!

Emma's Poetry Page-A Great site to view her poetry or other peoples.

Ravings Of A Demented Possum- A really really good poetry site with some great graphics to go along!

Ron Hoover Poetry and More! -Great Poetry Site with lots on it check it out.

How to write better poetry with Amy -A really good page I have found that helps you write a little better poetry.

Sarah's Poetry Corner- A Poetry Site from Sarah off her main page of Sarah's
Crazy Emporium Of Fun!