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Sarah's Letters
Hey, What's up? Thanx 4 the e-mail u sent to me. I really take everything you said 2 Heart. I really appreciate it. I'm sorry to hear about your parents. My Dad didn't show up in my life until I was 7 years-old and now he tries to make up for it. I see him maybe once a month. He's an asshole. He's buying me a car, though. See that is how he tries to win over my affection but all I feel is hatred for him. He is one of the reasons I cut. I will never forgive him. I'm a manic-depressive. With a borderline personality. It sux, but I guess that's life. I know a lot of people have it worse then me, but sometimes I just want to die. I find life to be pointless. With all these people running around trying to make the best out of there lives and for what??? When they die no one will care.....who would even shed a tear? It seems like the only people we remember in history are the bad guys. Hitler, Napoleon, and of course Sudan Husan is someone everyone will remember in 100 years. That's just how fucked up our society is. I don't believe in God. Why should I? He never helped me. I just think it's stupid to worship Jesus Christ. I feel as though I could go back in time and write some bullshit down about how I created everything....Would they worship me? Think about it. I have a strange mind. I think to much. I used to I am just angry. I cut so I don't cry. I am sick of crying. I used to try to fit in with the crowd. I'm just to different. People don't like it when you have a different point of view...they think your strange that way. They don't want to hear about your thoughts. Well, I am brutally honest and I really don't care what people think anymore. I just say screw them. I am not going to let them make my life even worse. It's not like I'm one of those retarded kids. You know the ones...they sit in the back of the class and it seems they don't know what a shower is. I'm beautiful, but I think everyone and everything is beautiful...well, almost anyone.....if they are beautiful on the inside then to me they are even more beautiful on the out. You are beautiful. Even though I have never seen you. What you wrote me showed me that u are a very caring person. Thank you again. If you like you can e-mail me back. :)