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Jean's Letters
I went through your entire web site. You are quite miraculous at
composing a web site- very professional!
I don't know how you learned to do all that.

And your poems are extremely creative and full of emotion. You can make people cry.

I'll put two poems in my site as soon as I can They will be listed
below. But I want to tell you that you are a very brilliant person for
14 years old.

I was saddened to read about the problems you faced all of your life. A
weaker person might have gone wrong - might have plunged into despair.

You didn't because you are strong and, although you have been so
unfortunate in the past you are also very FORTUNATE, indeed because I can see that you have been supported by your wonderful grandma (a noble woman) and the kind people in your church. Build on their strength and become independently strong even when you go on your own in the future.
NEVER DESPAIR! EVER! Things could get bad - even worse - but if you have faith and hope in your heart and you try to be brave even when you are scared - you can make it. You may have people turn against you - that's their loss. You can always make new friends. I admire your tremendous courage and I know you will be a marvelous
success in your life.

I'll write to tell you when the poetry is on my site.
Could you add a few small paragraphs about yourself and I always list
the town and state for all poets here.
Keep the faith, Marie!

Jean Raymond Maljean