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Margarita's Letter
que pasa chica?? Gracias, I'm glad you like my poems. I've always been
writing about suicide, and depression.. stuff like that. I guess that is
just the way I feel. What do you mean you hope I don't ever do it?? you
don't know me. I've been trying for like 3 years. One of these day's I'll
succeed. Any ways, I gotta bounce. But thanx for responding.
me voy... Cudiate,

no no no, everyone doesn't go through their life day by day constantly thinking about how much pleasure I would get if I cut myself so deep that my whole body would feel the pain in a second. I am the definition of worthless. I can't find love from family of friends, so I turn to drugs. They are always by my side, helping and guiding me through this long everlasting journey. People tell me God is the only way out. And I believe it, but I can't make it work. I am a failure. I've already planned my date... December 19. It's a Wednesday, 5 day's before Christmas. No one will have to worry about me anymore. What do you think will be the best way to do it? I was thinking overdosing, I have a bottle of pain killers. I guess it's a plan then. Well, I gotta be going now. Talk to you later hopefully.

nothing you say will change my mind. I'm still gonna do it