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Why do u ask for perfection of me?
I'm only human
blinded by the ads
promotion of sex, drugs, death
why do u ask that of me....
Oh just be a little happier why don't you!!
Why do u ask that of me I'm only human
following your footsteps
Its takes 30 years to fix all you have messed up
but I hope that one day you will not ask me to be perfect
to look the way I want
not the way you think I should
abercromibe and fench
your ads of sex with cloths
American eagle
to low of shirts
do I really wanna look this way??
perfection is a word often used in your voc.
please for the love of go stop asking so much of me
I'm only 14
but you let me stay out as late as I want...
you let me be the one to follow those ad's by saying
your wearing it not me
that shirt looks good on you
but justs fix your hair a little
please I'm only 14 not 21
you let me make my own choice in life and never say no
is this a new way of parenting
or did having 8 kids get you know where??
Please just don't ask so much of me
don't say smile for the camera
I hate those words
I'm not your puppet to show off to the world
I'm not mentally able to be 21 when I'm just 14
please what ever you do just leave me alone
I'm not perfect nor do I want to be
can't you just leave it at that
I don't want this life
why god, why god
did you have to make my life
of perfect hell
I don't want to act like I'm 21
I want to be 14
I might act and think like a 21 year old
but I haven't got the past to prove it
nor do I want to be that old yet
please just let me live my life the way I am!
I want to be 14 as long as i can
don't take that away from me!

2001 copyright
All Rights Reserved.