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As I think about my life
and wonder what I have achieved
I think of what's to come
but as a small term goes that means a big thing
I want it now!!
Mean so much
people waste there time
trying to get money
what good is money for
if you don't have someone to share it with!
Some middle class family's
that could give a lot more
are tight wads.
People waste there time
mostly worrying
will I get this Done
what bills do I have to be late on this mouth
common words to say
People waste there time
worrying what others will think!
I still remember this guy that just says out loud (didn't care)
I'm fat
and I'm thinking his crazy
I was wrong I wish more people were
realistic like him
People waste there time telling others to get away
when its not there fault sometimes that there like that
People waste there time on garbage music
That fill their minds.
aren't there minds full enough??

                                                              2001 copyright
                                                          All Rights Reserved.