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How You Gang Up
I fill so sorry
poor Michelle teeter
Michelle Taylor got you bugging
threading suicide
because you might call the police
her mom so involved
she doesn't even have an idea
what its about.
I'm just a witness
of all this predicament
watch as they laugh right
in your face
you are all alone
Your time at school spent
mostly in the bathroom
wondering and pondering
why everyone so dear 2 u
ganged up on you
and Leashea you call your self
That is where bad Christians
get there stereo type description
from people like u!
I'm so sorry Michele this is life!

Edited to take out profanity
I wrote this before I wanted to clean my site and my life so don't get any ideas that was very bad jugging on my part!

I'm Sorry :)

2001 copyright
All Rights Reserved.