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Red Stuff
I think about my friend as she does cutting
As that red dripping down her wrist
Where only time will heal
The scar
But what's the point
Every time you see it
It reminds you of such pain
But when you get to the point
and believe me you know when
the point where it stops hurting
you escapes your flesh and go to
a peace full world
a world I often dream of
you're only little place where
people live the way you want them to
no one hates Christ
a world of no poor
a world with more love then evil
a world where they aren't any terrorist
a world in which I wish I live
you can visit it anytime you want to
but you have a scar on you from the pain
it took to get you there
I wonder sometimes when you get to the point
what it must feel like?
I guess I shall never know!
But I prefer reaching that world through
a trance of imagination
your world is the way you want it to be
oh how wonderful!!!
I wish it were real
but its not so I will visit often
in a magic space ship out of are solar system
to a new earth.

Yes above I was talking about cutting.... This is what my friend Kayla does so I was trying to write a poem expressing it...Like I said above I would never do it but If you are a person who does cutting please go to one of the web sites below.

How to Stop The Cutting- A really good web site dealing with the present and long term things having to do with cutting and self Injury and ways to stop!
How to Stop Self Injury- Another site if you didn't like the first one explaining why people do it ....About it and how to stop
Alternatives To Self Injury- A page with other things to do other than hurting your self.

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