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So You Have Problems
so u say you got probs.
hello me to
I'm waiting for one to speak
up and say a word or two
about me so until you
face reality that every one
has probs. its what you make of them that count
I chose to right on this piece of paper
what I could do
but choose not to
so until you understand the
way I am
shut your mouth
or take
the wreath of the angel
know as life
it gets a little messed up on the way
But don't worry be happy
ya right thats for story books
with happy endings
so don't give me that's crap
oh be better soon
I don't need your sympathy
what do u seek of me
come on I live here to
I may not like earth but its better than marz
So until you jump in my brain
Don't say you know what I'm going though
just go away and leave me alone!

2001 copyright
All Rights Reserved